All of our courses only include a pre-recorded instructional video and workbook. There are no coaching calls and/or coaching emails included with the purchase of these courses.

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Ulli’s Get Him Back to Write a Love Story Course

Launch Date: April 30 2021

Is he one that you can´t live without? The one you love so much that you think about him all day every day? The one you want to live with for the rest of your life? Then this course is made for you. Get him running back to you and only wanting you in his life forever. No matter if you want to get your Ex back, or your Crush or someone you never met. You can change any situation and attract anyone into your life again. He told you he doesn’t love you anymore? He lives with someone else? He is not ready for you? He cut off any contact? He only sees you as a friend? Turn around any situation and make him yours now! Let me guide you through this course with the most powerful and efficient methods I combined in 20 years working as a Coach.  Learn why you are creating circumstances like these, get to know your attachment style, find out why you are the Harry Potter of your life and how to write an endless Hollywood Love Story. This course comes with a prerecorded, one hour video, and a workbook which consists out of 8 chapters, a bonus how to remove a 3rd Party and 22 exercises, that are fun to do. Take action now to be kissed, held in his arms and loved for the rest of your life by your Specific Person and become his one and only, his forever love and his true goddess!

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Ull’s All You Need Is Love Course NEW

Launch date: March 30 2021

In this 35 min pre-recorded video course with workbook. Welcome to the most exiting journey of your life! This course leads you to Italy, India, and Bali to find your love within. Discover your uniqueness and your amazingness inside of you and write an incredible, everlasting Love Story. Relax, take a deep breath and start finding yourself. Get back the control over your life and become responsible for your own happiness. To find love outside, first find love within. Master Self Love to manifest Love and fall truly in Love with yourself. This course is the base to show you step by step why Self Love is key to attract Love into your life. Fall in love with yourself and see your SP losing his heart for you: Truly, Madly, Deeply.

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Ulli’s You are the prize Course

Launch Date: March 12 2021
This course includes a 40 min pre-recorded video with a workbook. This course is the base to become highly attractive, magnetic and irresistible. Learn step by step how to put yourself on the pedestal, how to get back your power and how to become the star in your movie. Make your SP pursue and choose you and watch him/her fall madly in love with you. Attract others with your charisma and your uniqueness and learn how to shine your light everywhere you go. It’s prime time now and your turn to show the world how amazing you are. Cinderella, get dressed for your ball and let your prince chase and only have eyes for you. Romance your life and become exceptionally desirable! 

Ulli’s No One To Change But Self Course NEW

Launch Date March 3 2021

This course is a 25-minute pre-recorded course, which comes with a workbook. This course is fundamental to create the best relationship of your life as well as manifesting your best life YET! Change your Self-Concept with practicing self love, Self Acceptance, Practicing gratitude, to be the best version of yourself and attract who you want. By changing your Core beliefs you will become the person who is loved, chosen and wanted. By changing your self concept of yourself you will be sure to manifest anything and anyone easily and effortlessly.

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