All of our courses only include a pre-recorded instructional video and workbook. There are no coaching calls and/or coaching emails included with the purchase of these courses.

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Traci’s Become a Conscious Creator: Manifest your SP and anything else you desire, you are MEANT to live the life of your dreams!

Get your specific person and anything else you desire NOW! Become conscious of being the creator that you were meant to be and manifest the life of your dreams! In this course Traci teaches you the concepts and techniques to clear your blocks and own your power as a conscious creator. The course consists of 10 pre-recorded chapters so that you can re-listen to any chapter and really integrate and start to use the techniques and concepts so that you can manifest the relationship, version of your specific person and anything else you desire and live the life of your dreams! These are all the concepts Traci has used in her own journey and it’s what her clients use to get amazing success and results in their own life. If you’re looking to master being a conscious creator and want to create anything and everything you desire in your life, this course is for you!

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