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Live Workshop with Katie
New topic every month!
This live group workshop consists of 1 live group coaching call with Katie. In the workshop we will, affirm the essential intentions needed for your manifestation, discover the main blocks that keep you from your manifestation. Identify a new self concept, a new version of your specific person and versions of others involved, create new inner conversations and an end scene for you to meditate on. All the necessary ingredients for you to bring your desires to life. Questions may be asked in the live class as time allows.
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CLASSES. For specific dates/times please click through to the booking screen.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CLASSES. For specific dates/times please click through to the booking screen.

(For specific dates, click through to booking screen.. yes, you can view the dates without actually booking.)

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Katie’s Pre-recorded Workshops

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Please note that there are no refunds on courses, so please email us at: Sessions@CreateYourFuture.co if you have any questions before purchasing a course.