Law of Attraction Coaching Consent Form

By scheduling and paying for a Law of Attraction Coaching session via Video and or email with Create Your Future Inc, you agree to the following: I agree that I will be engaging in the processes using various Law of Attraction Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique. I understand that I will have all choices at all times and can start and end the process at any time, even during my session. The techniques I am agreeing to are held out as non-therapeutic, defined as the learning of these techniques to induce positive thinking, create commitment to change and to learn the techniques to produce self-control over physical experiences and emotional awareness, the above techniques has not been represented as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and I may make no health benefits claims to my services. Please note not all coaches offer all of the above mentioned techniques)

I agree to continue medication as prescribed by my attending physician(s) and understand that neuro-linguistic programming (including time techniques), Law of Attraction Techniques and emotional freedom technique, meditation is not a substitute for medical care. I understand that a practitioner of the above mentioned modalities neither diagnosis nor treats any medical or mental health conditions, instead offering tools of self-discovery and awareness to compliment any medical treatment prescribed by a physician. If any medical symptoms progress or become acute I agree to seek medical attention from a licenced healthcare provider. In the event of a medical emergency or if I feel suicidal, I will call 911 or other emergency help. I understand that the methods of Law of Attraction Techniques, neuro-linguistic programming (including time techniques) and emotional freedom technique include relaxation, breath work, creative visualization, positive affirmation, self-awareness development and other techniques and may produce physical and emotional responses. I agree to inform my practitioner of any adverse feelings or experiences related to this process, at the time of my awareness to them. I have been informed as to the limits of Law of Attraction Techniques, neuro-linguistic programming (including time techniques) and emotional freedom technique effectiveness and offered referral to other providers of alternative approaches to problem solving. I am over the age of 19, and consent to Law of Attraction Techniques, neuro-linguistic programming (including time techniques) and emotional freedom technique offered by Create Your Future Inc.

Additional Terms of Service:

Disclaimer:  The content in my videos ( is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or professional legal advice. If you have legal, medical or psychological concerns, please seek out a licensed professional.  If you are in a dangerous situation please seek out your local authorities.  The advice contained in our videos is not meant for people in domestic violence situations or for people dealing with mental health issues.

Call recordings:

Your call is recorded for Create Your Future Inc only and will not be shared with you under any circumstances.  By attending a session you agree and consent to the call being recorded.   Your call will be kept confidential;  however, your call may be shared to be used as proof that the services were provided should any dispute arise initiated by you. Your call will be kept confidential unless it is needed to resolve a dispute or complaint.  The call is recorded automatically and can’t be declined.  If you have any concerns about the call recording please email

Live meditations, workshops and group coaching sessions.

The live meditations, workshops and group coaching will be recorded and shared with participants of the live events in addition to anyone who purchases a recording of the event.


Sessions must be used in full and can not be split into 2 or more sessions. If you book an 1 hour long session or 30 min session the session must be used in full with in the time it is scheduled. If it is not used in full or you are late for the session any used portion of the session will for forfeited.


There will be a $50 cancellation/rescheduling fee if you are unable to make your session without giving at least 24 hours prior notice.

No Show:

Clients who fail to cancel or reschedule a session (24 hours prior to session) and do not attend a session will be charged the session amount in full. No shows are non-refundable.

Create Your Future Inc. may reschedule sessions at anytime, without notice resulting from personal coach emergencies.  No compensation will be given in such an event, however if requested we will cancel and refund the session and waive any cancelation fees.

Technical issues during the session:

If you experience technically difficulties at any time during your session, please notify you coach.  If your coach is not able to correct the concern by calling you on an alternate number (North America only) then please disconnect the call with the coach and email immediately.  NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR TECHNICAL ISSUES as the problem can be on either end. We will reschedule the UNUSED part of your session to a later time so we have time to correct any technical issues if they are on our end.  You are also responsible as the client to use that time to correct any internet connection/quality issues that you are experiencing.


All your personal information including but not limited to name, address, phone number, email address and all issues and subjects brought up and talked about during sessions will be kept confidential. Unless the following applies:

  • You express thoughts of suicide.
  • Express engaging in any illegal activity that will cause harm to either yourself or another person.
  • Express that you are in a domestic violence situation.
  • Express that a child is being abused in any way.

In those cases, Create Your Future Inc will contact the appropriate authorities in your area and provide any information that is required by the local authorities.

I understand that I am automatically consenting to the above by scheduling, attending and (or) paying for a session with Create Your Future Inc.